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When it comes to getting a double entry visa into Russia, there are a couple of options available: standard tourism visa or auto-tourism visa. Although you can apply for either of those, here are a couple of things that can help you choose which option you need to go for:

1. Standard tourist visa: this visa, once issued, allows one to enter Russia by any form of transport, be it a plane, train or a private vehicle. So it is absolutely fine to travel to Russia with this visa even if you are taking part in the Rally. As this visa doesn't require any of your vehicle details, you can apply for it even before you get a car.

2. Auto-tourism visa: this visa can only be used if you are entering Russia by car. The car details will be specified on your visa, so if your car breaks down and you have to get a lift from another team there is a chance that you won't be allowed to enter Russia in a different vehicle to that stated on your visa. At the point of application for this visa you'll also need to provide a detailed cover letter stating you route, itinerary and names of people travelling with you. You'll also need to submit the car registration/ownership paperwork along with the application form. That means, you can only apply for this visa once you've got your car and it's paperwork sorted.

So as you can see, although it may be nice to have 'auto-tourism' stated on your application form, you can still travel to Russia on a standard tourist visa without any issues.

Please note, if you are taking part in the Mongol rally and are applying for a visa in Edinburgh, you will need to apply for an auto-tourism visa.

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