It's great that you are taking part in The Mongol Rally. The Visa Machine is here to help you deal with the most bureaucratic and boring part of the trip planning.

Check the visa packs to see which visas you will need for the route you are taking and once you decide to go ahead and use our help in obtaining your visas, don't forget to use the discount code MR2019 to get 15% off our service fees.

If you've got questions or want to start working out your route, check out our Help centre, chat to us online or just drop us an email and we'll be happy to talk it through with you.

Back in 2001, whilst living in the Czech Republic, The Adventurists' Mr. Tom and Mr. Joolz bought an old car and decided to drive to Mongolia. They got as far as Iran and realised that without a visa, he wouldn't be able to go any further. In 2004 they tried again. This time six cars set off to do the same challenge from London to Ulaan Baatar. With a new and bureaucratic determination, Mr Tom felt visas in advance of the adventure would be an acceptable concession to the boredom of planning. He asked a friend to help sort out the required visas for all the teams, and The Visa Machine was born.

6 years later The Visa Machine became independent from The Adventurists, and now helps thousands of travellers to get visas for their upcoming adventures, business trips and holidays.

We still, however, work very closely with The Adventurists, which allows us to keep up with any changes in the finish line locations, dates, and anything else that might affect the visa requirements.

You won’t find another visa provider with as much experience getting complicated visas for such complicated routes and for over 400 teams leaving on the same date. We process over 3000 visas each year for the Rally and after 13 years, we know a bit about what teams will need to get them across the Finish Line.

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